Vita Glow Skin Whitening Night Cream

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Before sleep, gently massage this cream on your face until it gets absorbed by your skin. Regular use of this cream helps you get a clear, smooth and shiny complexion.

The whitening ingredient in this product is Glutathione. It prevents the production of excess melanin pigments that cause sun damage, resulting in even skin tone and healthy glow.
Acne-fighting ingredients

Glutathione is a key ingredient in this night cream. It inhibits the production of melanin, resulting in whiter and brighter skin. It also helps to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It is a natural bleaching agent that works on the top three skin layers, epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. It also moisturizes the skin, preventing dryness.

Another key ingredient in this cream is kojic acid. This ingredient is known to reduce sunburn, and protect the skin from UV rays. It can also help lighten skin tan and scars, as well as eliminate acne marks and other blemishes.

Another key ingredient in this product is green tea extract, which is a great source of antioxidants. This compound increases collagen, making your skin soft and supple. It also helps to whiten the skin, and prevents wrinkles and dark circles.
Whitening properties

One of the most important factors that you should look for in a night cream is its skin-whitening properties. The ingredients in Vita Glow are effective against acne and can whiten the skin, giving it a glow. The avocado, jojoba oil, and kojic acid all work towards this goal. These substances also reduce inflammation and kill bacteria. They are a great choice for whitening the skin and preventing sunburn.

Another major benefit of this cream is that it removes blemishes and dark spots from the skin. Its advanced formula works at the core of the skin to provide a faster whitening effect. Its antioxidants purify the blood and increase blood circulation, which leads to the elimination of scars, age spots, and dark circles from the face.

The vitamin C in the cream inhibits the melanin production that makes a person darker. It also prevents excessive sun exposure by reducing the amount of UV rays that enter the skin.

One of the most important functions of a night cream is to moisturize the skin. Vita Glow delivers just that, as the ingredients infused in this product are famous for their moisturizing properties. This makes the cream work tirelessly to hydrate the skin completely. Make sure you apply it to a wet face before you sleep. This way, it can get absorbed into the skin and bring about a remarkable change.

Prolonged and even brief exposure to the sun’s UV rays can exacerbate many skin problems. This is because the rays can damage the skin cells and also affect the exterior appearance. This cream’s primary defense against sunburn is its Vitamin C content, which further elevates its ability to protect the skin.

Other ingredients incorporated into this cream include Citric acid, Ionized water and micro-nutrients. It also includes natural oils and kojic acid, which is derived from mushrooms. This ingredient prevents melanin production and whitens the skin. The cream can be used to whiten the face, neck, hands and arms.
No side effects

This imported vita glow night cream does not cause any side effects on the skin. It helps to remove the layer of dust and makes your skin look fresh. It suits all types of skin and is suitable for both men and women. The Green Tea extracts in this product help to make your skin smooth and shiny. It also protects your skin from the harmful sun rays and other environmental factors. It also reduces the dark spots on your skin and gives you a more even complexion.

The whitening cream contains many natural oils and waxes as well as kojic acid that is obtained from fungi found in mushrooms. Glutathione, which is an organic compound that is found in our bodies and promotes skin health also takes part in whitening by inhibiting melanin production on the skin. This whitening cream works thoroughly on the three skin layers, epidermis, dermis and hypodermis to give a radiant effect to your skin.Vita Glow Skin Whitening Night Cream

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