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Silver Cloth

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Silver cloth is impregnated with tarnish-preventing materials. Thousands of silver particles in the rich brown fabric absorb tarnish-producing atmospheric gases before they can react with your jewelry and silverware.

Pacific Silvercloth keeps jewelry and silverware shiny, bright and sparkling without polishing. It also protects against scratches, dents and scuffs. The fabric can be used to make custom bags, pouches and rolls or to line silverware chests and flatware drawers.
Prevents tarnish

Silver cloth is a safe way to prevent tarnish from forming on silver articles when they are in storage. Its chemical composition allows it to absorb harmful gases that cause tarnishing – such as hydrogen sulfide – without changing or affecting the silver surface. It is a natural alternative to using anti-tarnish strips or paper, which require frequent replacement and can contain chemicals that are harmful to silver.

To extend the life of your silver cloth, store it in a sealed container with the item you are protecting. This will protect it from dust and other contaminants that can harm the silver cloth. It is best to use a protective container that will not be touched by anyone, as touching the fabric can cause small scratches on the silver article.

Pacific Silvercloth tarnish preventing material keeps your fine silver and silver plated articles clean, bright and shining without polishing. Thousands of silver particles embedded in this rich brown, velvety cloth absorb tarnish producing atmospheric gases before they reach your valuables. This soft flannel material also protects against dust and scratches. It is sold by the yard, 38″ wide and can be used to line silver chests or cases, jewelry boxes, or silver drawers.
Removes tarnish

Silver cloth quickly and easily removes tarnish from silver and silver-plated jewellery. It also polishes the silver to give it a beautiful shine. It is non-abrasive and lasts a long time. It is used by retailers, manufacturers, and owners of silver items all over the world.

The brown fabric is made of cotton, into which thousands of silver particles are incorporated. This offers tarnish producing gases a large surface area to react with, before they reach the actual silver item. Using Pacific Silvercloth prevents the need for expensive and hazardous chemicals that may be harmful to silver.

This two-piece silver polishing cloth contains Hagerty’s world famous exclusive tarnish preventative ingredient, which locks out tarnish 10 times longer than other silver polishing cloths. It is a soft flannel material impregnated with cleaning, polishing, and anti-tarnish agents. It can be used again and again, but should not be washed, as washing removes the special protective ingredients.
Polishes silver

Silver cloth polishes silver while it protects it from tarnishing. Unlike paints, coatings and other chemicals used to protect silver, this non-abrasive material doesn’t change or alter the appearance of the metal. It is also more efficient than chemical dips, which require a prolonged contact time and may be toxic to the user.

A soft, 100 percent cotton cloth is the key to using silver polishing cloths. The cloth must be pre-treated and cannot be laundered or you’ll wash away the chemicals that help it polish silver. To extend the life of your polishing cloth, fold it into small sections and use a different section after each polishing session.

A silver cleaning cloth is a soft, lint-free, 100% cotton cloth saturated with a special polishing agent and an anti-tarnish coating. Gently rub your silver jewelry or silverware with the cloth to remove tarnish and leave it shining. The cloth can be used again and again, but don’t wash it, as this will remove the polishing and anti-tarnish chemicals.
Cleans silver

Silver cleaning cloths contain abrasive materials that gently remove light tarnish. They also do not have the concentration of abrasive particles that would be found in a liquid, paste or foam polish and thus do less harm to silver.

The abrasive action of the cloth also helps prevent scratches when used on rough surfaces like heirloom flatware. It is important to not apply too much pressure, as this can cause damage to the silver surface.

Pretreated silver polishing cloths have tarnish-cleaning compounds woven into the fabric. The cloths should not be laundered as this can damage the compounds and reduce their ability to clean silver.

Pacific Silvercloth is a cotton cloth in which thousands of small silver particles are embedded. This offers the pollutant gases a large surface area to react with and absorbs them before they can reach the silver object stored inside. The pollutant gases change the color of the fabric from brown to black as they are absorbed, making it easy to know that the protective bag is working.

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