The Benefits of Gaming Keyboards

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For gamers, few tech devices play a more integral role than the keyboard. Gaming keyboards often have features mainstream models can’t match, like ultra-fast polling rates and software that allows for customization on a per-game basis.

This deluxe board has customizable Chroma RGB lighting, dedicated media keys and a multi-function digital dial. It also boasts 26 key rollover and anti-ghosting for a flawless experience.

The switches in a mechanical keyboard are the core of its functionality. They can be very different, but they all offer strong benefits compared to standard rubber membranes.

Linear switches go straight up and down without a bump, allowing you to register a keypress faster than with tactile or clicky ones. They require less force to actuate and can reduce wrist fatigue and strain over time. They’re also great for double-tapping, which is popular in some games.

Tactile switches have a satisfying click on the downstroke and give you feedback when you hit the keys, but they can be too loud for many people. Some workplaces even have policies against using them due to their disruptive noise. Alps switches are similar to tactiles but quieter and have a more uniform feel than the classic Cherry red switch. They’re great for typing and work tasks, but not as good for gaming. They’re often rated for around 50 million presses, but they can wear out a bit more quickly than linear or clicky switches.
Tactile Feedback

A gaming keyboard that has tactile feedback offers a satisfying, reassuring experience when pressing keys. It also helps to improve accuracy and reduce frustration, which can help users feel more confident in interacting with their devices.

Tactile switches have a small “bump” that the user feels when they press a key. They provide a feeling of satisfaction that makes them popular with professional typists and competitive gamers.

Immersion’s haptic feedback technology can be added to no- or low-travel touch-input surfaces to make virtual buttons appear to be physically pressed. It can also give the sensation that a button has been pushed for an extended period of time, which can increase usability and create a more natural interaction with touchscreens and other graphical interfaces.

AUKEY offers a wide selection of gaming keyboards that offer RGB backlighting and high-quality switches. Their sturdy constructions, superior typing and gaming performance, and sleek designs provide lasting durability and comfort for hours of use.

Gaming keyboards are often louder than regular keyboards because they have larger keycaps and mechanical switches. The switches generate a clicking noise when pressed, which some people find distracting. There are several ways to reduce the volume, including using o-rings or rubber dampeners under the keys or lubing the switches to produce less noise.

Unlike standard keyboards, which only register one key press at a time, gaming keyboards typically offer N-key rollover (NKRO). This feature makes it possible to input commands faster and more accurately.

Many gaming keyboards also come with reprogrammable keys that allow the user to create a one-of-a-kind layout that perfectly suits their needs. For example, they may feature a dedicated key for crouching, which can be easier to reach with the pinky than with the thumb. These features can help gamers perform at their best by preventing strain on the fingers and wrists. They also enhance ergonomics by ensuring that the most important functions are easy to reach without having to stretch or reach.

In gaming, the performance of your CPU and GPU, refresh rate of your monitor and your keyboard can make all the difference. Keyboards aren’t just a piece of equipment, they’re tools that can be customized and programmed to help you win.

Whether you choose a full-size keyboard or something smaller like the Fnatic Streak65 or Razer Huntsman Mini, your choice of switch type and layout is what makes or breaks a gaming keyboard. You may also want to look for one with extra features that add value.

For example, some feature OLED screens that display in-game info or system stats. Others include a wrist rest for ergonomic support, and software-controlled lighting that can be customized to match your game. Advanced special features like anti-ghosting, programmable macros and full-N-key rollover ensure that you’ll get accurate keystrokes no matter how intense your gaming session is. And when it’s time to upgrade, you can swap out switches with the hotswap function.

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