The Benefits of a Private Carer

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Home care is on the rise and families are increasingly looking to hire private caregivers for their elderly loved ones. But what are the benefits of private care, and why is it growing so rapidly?

Private carers provide home health care services independently, rather than being employed by a council, regulated agency or care home. This allows them to set their own hourly rate and shift patterns.
Personalized Care

Personalized care for elderly loved ones in their own home is a top priority for many families. Private carers provide that care for individuals with a wide variety of needs. Their duties include personal care, meal preparation, and housekeeping. They also assist with medication management and transportation if needed. In addition, they offer companionship and social activities.

Unlike agency caregivers, who are typically salaried employees of a home care agency, private carers are self-employed and work independently. Families hire them directly, and they are responsible for screening potential caregivers and verifying their qualifications. They may also be required to carry liability insurance and have a background check completed.

Although there are some common care qualifications, family members should consider a private carer’s personality and experience more than specific credentials. Agencies often have a complaints procedure that should be followed if there is a problem with a carer. If a complaint cannot be resolved through an agency, a local ombudsman can help.

The flexibility offered by private carers means individuals can receive care tailored to their specific needs and preferences, whereas with nursing homes and state-funded care the schedule may be more standardised. Additionally, individuals will be able to enjoy their home environment and remain in familiar surroundings.

Flexible working has become increasingly common during the COVID-19 pandemic and many caregivers are reaping the benefits of this arrangement. They say it allows them to have more energy, focus and peace of mind, which are also reflected in the care they provide.

If you’re considering employing a private carer yourself, it’s important to understand that it immediately makes you an employer, with all the associated legal obligations including arranging cover for sick and holiday leave. For this reason, it can be easier to work with an agency which handles the employment process for you. They will also perform background checks and verify caregiver qualifications. This can alleviate some stress and help you find the best carer for your loved one.

Private caregivers often work with individuals who are lonely or isolated but healthy enough to remain living at home. Their goal is to reduce or prevent loneliness by providing emotional and social support. In addition, they offer housekeeping services and run errands.

Families can choose to hire a private carer through an agency, an individual, or independently. Agencies typically perform background checks and verify caregivers’ certifications and experience. They also take on the burden of payroll and ensuring coverage in case a caregiver is ill or unable to work.

Individuals can find a private caregiver through an online service or through friends and neighbors. Caregivers are paid by clients or their families at regular intervals and insurance rarely covers these services. Regardless of the method used, personal needs and preferences play an important role when choosing a caregiver. Caregivers may assist with activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing, but they primarily focus on companionship and protection.
Peace of Mind

Many families who hire private carers are looking for a more personal touch than they would get at a care facility. For instance, a family might want their loved one to be able to have a conversation with the caregiver or play a game of cards together. They might also want their caregiver to be able to go shopping with them or help with some household chores.

Private caregivers can be a great option for those who have difficulty asking friends or family for help. Caregivers offer companionship and provide much-needed social interaction. They can be helpful in preventing isolation and depression.

Before hiring a private caregiver, be sure to check their background. You can have a background check done by your local law enforcement agency or a private investigator. You will need to sign a release form giving permission for the check. If you hire a caregiver from a regulated agency, they will take care of all payments, taxes and insurances as well as conducting background checks.

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