Wholesale PPR Pipe

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Wholesale ppr pipe is suitable for hot and cold drinking water piping systems in hospitals, hotels, homes, etc. It has the function of antimicrobial, it has the inner antibacterial layer made of high crystalline nanometer level active material which can release Ag ions to kill bacteria; the outer is made of food grade PPR raw materials which is non-toxic, safe and can prevent microbial photosynthesis; also the pipe wall is opaque after special process, it is not easy to breed bacteria and can protect water from ultraviolet radiation. It is characterized by high strength and low coefficient of linear expansion, and it has the service life up to 50 years. PPR piping system uses polypropylene pipes and fittings that are connected by fusion welding. The piping system can be installed easily, it is not easy to crack and has a long lifespan. Compared to metal pipes, it is hygienic and safe, and has the advantages of high temperature and pressure resistance, low noise, heat preservation during flow and energy saving. Jingtong also has a full range of PPR coupler, ppr tee, ppr elbow and other related accessories. These products fully meet the standard of GB/T18742 and ISO/DIS15874. It can be used in a variety of applications with fusion connection technology and fusion welding.

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