Six Spider-Man Costumes

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Peter Parker has had a lot of different suits during his time as Spider Man. Here are some of them:

Spider Man’s costume is made from a skintight material, most likely Spandex. He also has a mask that prevents others from seeing his face and protects him from dust, smoke and other things.
Classic Costume

Spider Man has become one of the most iconic heroes in Marvel history. His classic look has remained largely unchanged since his first appearance in 1962.

This version of the costume is a bit darker in color than the original and has a few different details on the mask. It also has bigger eye pieces.

It’s a great choice for someone who wants to create a simple and easy-to-make costume. This suit looks great with a pair of red sneakers (Crocs, Keds, or Vans). This version of the costume doesn’t have much webbing or lines all over it, however. The black wash highlights those elements and doesn’t dilute the bright blues and reds too much.
Second Version

The second unlockable suit in this Insomniac game is the black and gold outfit that Peter wears after getting a new armored version of his classic Spider Man Costume from Stark. This suit is augmented with a unique gauntlet that warps light and sound around the wearer, making it nearly invisible.

Unlocked by completing the Cat’s Pyjamas story campaign in the 2020 Spider-Man game, this suit honors Miles Morales’ Nuyorican heritage. The Puerto Rican flag-inspired design includes the baggy pants and narrower red eyes that mark this version of the character. The suit also sports a communication device on its chest. Unlike the previous suit, this one features an unlinked belt and no webbing on the gloves and legs.
Third Version

When Peter Parker reclaimed his Spider-Man identity in an alternate universe, he adopted a new costume similar to Ben Reilly’s Sensational Costume. It included a cloth black suit with red sleeves and extra darker lining emulating plaid, brown gloves, boots and a belt, and a large redesigned Spider-Man logo.

The suit has a special power that allows it to warp light and sound around it, making the wearer invisible to enemies. The costume also includes a mask that features three ends pointed at different angles. After ditching his Symbiote Suit in Homecoming, Holland reverted back to this classic look for Far From Home.
Fourth Version

In the alternate reality of Earth-928, Miguel O’Hara protected New York City as Spider-Man. He wore a suit based on the Fantastic Four’s uniforms, but with blue instead of red and a skull-like spider logo.

Nick Fury gave Peter this stealthy new costume to confuse European onlookers, so he could slither into the heart of the night-time action. It’s a rerun from the Cat’s Pyjamas story campaign in the previous game, and it also closely resembles the Miguel O’Hara 2099 suit. Power: Quad Damage – Deals quadruple the normal amount of damage to enemies. Also reduces damage taken by 50%. Also provides a passive ability to ward off projectiles.
Fifth Version

During the 2015 Secret Wars event, Dr. Doom created a reality called Battleworld, one of many permutations of the Marvel Universe. One of them featured a surly Spider-Man named Miguel O’Hara, who wore this Leinil Francis Yu-designed costume. It features arm spikes and retractable spider-claws.

Also from the Battleworld timeline is this black-and-red stealth suit. It featured extra darker lining emulating plaid, external Web-Shooters, a brown utility belt, and boots with the spider logo on the bottom. This look was later worn by Miles Morales in his first Insomniac video game. It’s an alternative to his sweatshirt-based costume. Hewn close to the classic design, it has yellow spider logos and eyes on the hands and feet.
Sixth Version

In a bid to throw European onlookers off his trail, Nick Fury gifts Spider-Man with this stealthy new costume for nighttime web-slinging. It features the webbing pattern of his red and blue suit, but in black coloring and a different Spider symbol on his chest.

After he ditched the symbiote that became Venom, Peter created this non-living costume. It creates holographic images of himself, and it’s made from a material that can deflect sound.

During the Secret War storyline, Peter uses this covert suit to help Nick Fury overthrow Latveria, home of the Fantastic Four’s villain Victor Von Doom. It’s made from Unstable Molecule Fabric and includes a skull-like mask.

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