Top Refrigerant Recovery Machine

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Top refrigerant recovery machine are designed to provide a high performance. They feature a powerful motor and an oversized condenser that help in keeping the machine cool in extreme conditions. They also offer a wide range of functions to suit the needs of different users. These machines come with either single or twin cylinders. Some can recover both liquid and vapor species while others can only recover one. They are EPA certified to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the environment. 1. Inficon IR-500 Refrigerant Recovery Machine The IR-500 features nonrestrictive piston manifold valves, a powerful two cylinder oil-less compressor and twin fans that maximize speed in both liquid and vapor recovery. It also has an advanced lubrication system that prevents damage to the compressor and provides longer life and high performance. It comes with an industry-leading 3-year over the counter replacement warranty that covers the compressor, hoses and fan. Inficon’s D-TEK Stratus infrared refrigerant leak detector features innovative Cloud Hunting and Pinpoint modes that guide you right to the leak. Its large, easy to read LCD display displays a PPM reading and shows the area of highest concentration. It is designed with versatility in mind so you can quickly switch to one of the optional sensors to find CO2 or flammable leaks. This is the cheapest option on this list but still offers a decent value. It has a powerful dual-cylinder design that helps it work faster than many other options on this list. It also has a pressure rating of 550 PSI that is similar to other options on this list. It also has an excellent build quality and a 1-year warranty. 2. Robinair RG3 Twin-Cylinder Refrigerant Recovery Machine Aside from being affordable, this refrigerant recovery machine also comes with a pretty decent pressure rating of 550 PSI. This is quite good given that it is meant to be portable and easy to use. Plus, it is backed by a one-year warranty for peace of mind. In terms of its capabilities, this unit can handle both liquid and vapor refrigerants and can store them in a 30 or 50-lb DOT-approved cylinder. It can also be used for reclaiming common CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants. The Robinair RG3 is a great option if you are looking for a portable refrigerant recovery machine that will help you work on various types of HVAC systems. It can even handle automotive units as well. It is fast and efficient and can recover a large amount of refrigerants. It also has a high-pressure shut-off switch and a filter drier to keep the air clean of moisture and acidity. It also works in extremely hot environments. 3. Robinair RG6 Refrigerant Recovery Machine This portable recovery machine from Robinair is the big brother to the RG3. It’s bigger and offers more functionality but doesn’t add much to the overall weight of the unit. It still has the same great high pressure auto shut off feature and works with all common refrigerants like R12, R22, R134a and blends including R-410A. It also has a self-purge function that eliminates cross contamination and saves you time. It has a power rating of 3/4HP and a pressure rating between 400 and 550 PSI. It can recover refrigerants in liquid or vapor form and is compatible with both push and pull methods. Its oversized condenser keeps it cool even in extreme environments and its oil-less compressor helps speed up the recovery process. It comes with a user manual with step-by-step instructions to help you get started quickly and easily. This product is ideal for technicians who work on automotive air conditioning systems as well as commercial HVAC equipment. 4. Appion RS500 Refrigerant Recovery Machine Refrigerant recovery machines are used to recover and recycle used refrigerants and reclaim HFCs to help keep in compliance with EPA regulations. They also help prevent refrigerant leaks from damaging the equipment and causing greater damage to the environment. Whether you need a recovery machine for liquid or vapor refrigerants, there is one out there to fit your needs. It’s important to look at the specifications of each and make sure they suit your needs before making a purchase. One key thing to check is the compressor type of the machine. Most older models come with hermetic compressors but newer ones feature oil-less compressors which are much easier to use and maintain. This helps to make them faster and more effective as well. This is a great feature especially for those working in the field. The RS500 features a micro-channel condenser and oversized fan which helps it to achieve better speed even in the hottest conditions.

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