The MK Bag is a Staple in Every Fashion Lover’s Closet

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A MK bag is a staple in every fashion lover’s closet. MK sale bag This classic zip-top tote with two sleek slip pockets and leather trimmed handles is just the thing to carry your essentials with ease. It’s a versatile bag that can be worn with your daytime look, or dressed down for a night out on the town.

It features the standard smart Michael Kors branding, and is made from supple leather with metal hardware. A detachable long strap and trapezoidal body, as well as handheld straps that fold down make this a practical bag for women with diverse lifestyles.

If you have a busy schedule, or if you spend a lot of time in a large crowd, a tote is the best choice. This style is large enough to hold all your day’s necessities, including your cell phone, wallet, keys, a bottle of water and a snack. You can also fit a tablet, kindle and book inside, as well as your makeup, tissues and other small items.

If you’re unsure about whether the bag is genuine, check for engraved text and logos. The letters should be crisp and clear, and the logo should be encircled by a circle of metal. If the metal is a different color, or if it’s cracked or chipped in some way, you may want to pass on this style of designer handbag.

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