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The Best Curly Hairdresser in Melbourne

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A true curly hairdresser follows well-honed principles that prioritize helping people with their textured locks. They deliver knowledge and results that support how an individual wants to live with their curls.

Melbourne’s High Priest of kinks and loops, Neel loves curly hair so much he turned his Fitzroy salon into a shrine to them. Book in to see how his scissor wizardry transforms your unruly ringlets into envy-inducing tresses.
Aoki Hair

The team at Aoki Hair is led by Jenni Spence, an award-winning wavy hair stylist. Jenni is a curly hair specialist and understands the needs of her clients one hundred percent. She’s spent years consummating “The Aoki Hair Approach,” which is designed to make wavy hair care straightforward.

Hermiz has locks of pure wonder, so naturally he knows his way around curls, kinks and coils. He offers a curly hair consultation that takes into account your lifestyle, future follicle plans and your level of commitment to lock love. He also offers an array of vegan and curl friendly products that have ‘curl love’ written all over them. Ask for him when you visit. He’ll have you taming your twists in no time. He even has a YouTube channel dedicated to all things curls.
Wenz Hair

If you have curly hair and are looking for a salon that will show your strands some love, look no further than Wenz Hair. The owner, Wrenn has found her passion with curls and has a true desire to educate her clients on how to work with their natural curl patterns. She uses a deconstructed method of dry cutting to create shapes that complement your personal features and personality. She is also an advocate of using curly hair friendly products such as Milkshake Colours which are vegan and cruelty free. Her consultations include an analysis of your face shape and curl type.
Mousey Brown

As the name suggests, Mousey Brown is a home-based salon with a dedicated focus on curls. New Zealand born Tina specialises in embracing your natural texture, and uses her shelf system to help build shape in your hair. Using deconstructed dry cutting and artistic flare she creates shapes that compliment your curl type, personal features and personality.

She loves educating people on how to care for their curls and works with a number of curl-friendly products including Aveda. The salon’s ethos is minimalism with maximum impact, so expect a personalised consultation that will take into account your future follicle plans and current curl health.
Maiden Hair

Maiden is a worsted weight yarn that has a core of silk and soft kid mohair, creating a beautiful hazy texture. It comes in a variety of rich handpainted colors, perfect for your next knit project.

Jess is a Melbourne based curl specialist with over 12 years of experience in the industry. She believes in helping her clients live their best curly life using a deconstructed dry cutting method and artistic flare.

Unlike many self-proclaimed ‘curly hair experts’, she takes the time to understand each client’s unique curl texture and challenges and provides knowledge and results that support how they want to live their curly life. She also uses only a few carefully selected products that are both vegan and curl friendly. This is what sets her apart from the rest!
Haylo Hair

The team at Haylo Hair is all about curly hair and has a whole section on their salon menu dedicated to this type of styling. They’re also passionate about sustainable, low-tox hairdressing and offer a wide range of organic products to keep your curls in tip-top condition between appointments.

Using her deconstructed dry cutting technique and artistic flare, Fleur loves to empower curls to embrace their natural beauty. She uses a mix of products, including Clever Curl and Everescents, that are vegan and curly friendly.

A true specialist in curly hair understands that each individual requires a specific approach to their curls. This is why it’s important to find one that can deliver a comprehensive, personalised service without adding extra costs or product-reliant services that do not align with your own values.best curly hairdresser melbourne

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