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Orthodontist Geneva Cornavin

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Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that specialises in the correction of malocclusions (incorrect positioning of teeth and jaws). Unlike dentists, who deal with more common oral problems such as toothache, bleeding gums, inflammation and infections, orthodontists are specialised in treating malformed teeth. They also treat issues affecting the positioning of jaws and face such as an overbite (upper teeth that protrude over lower ones). They commonly apply braces to correct these conditions, which can be made from metal or transparent plastic. Orthodontists have undergone a long period of medical training to obtain their qualifications. They must complete an undergraduate education, dental school and then orthodontic residency. During this time they must pass a board examination from the American Association of Orthodontists to become fully qualified orthodontists. This process can take up to seven years, and the qualification varies in different countries. A good orthodontist Geneva Cornavin will offer a wide variety of services, from initial consultation to treatment completion and the maintenance of the result. During the first visit, the orthodontist will analyse the condition of the patient’s mouth and teeth using X-rays. They will propose a range of treatments that are adapted to the patient’s needs. They will also provide an estimate of the treatment cost. It is important to see an orthodontist regularly, at least once a year. This will ensure that the patient maintains a healthy mouth and avoids complications associated with untreated malocclusions. These include bad breath, irritated gums, tooth decay, poor chewing and grinding of food, jaw joint stress, chronic headaches or other head and neck pains, and a less attractive smile. Depending on the patient’s age, the orthodontist may advise early intervention to intercept developing issues such as overbite or underbite or excess space between teeth. This can be particularly helpful for children, as it is easier to work on the bones while they are still growing, and can therefore avoid the need for more invasive procedures in adulthood. In general, the earlier a malocclusion is treated, the more effective and faster the treatment will be. The centre-Dentaire Lancy has a team of orthodontists ready to offer you the best solution for your smile. They have the latest technology and techniques for both young patients and adults. They also have the experience to deal with any type of orthodontic problem, even those that require lengthy treatment periods. So there is no need to delay your appointment! It is never too late to get a beautiful smile. Contact us now to make an appointment for an initial consultation or a check-up. We look forward to seeing you soon! orthodontiste geneve

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