New Conservatory Ideas

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New conservatory ideas are the perfect blank canvas to stamp your personality on and create a space that you can enjoy all year round. Whether you choose a Lean-To or a Victorian design, there’s plenty to get creative with.

Make the most of your new addition’s proximity to the garden by including shelving ideas for storing gardening tools and equipment. This helps keep your conservatory neat and tidy at all times.
Al Fresco Dining

Dining al fresco in a conservatory is a fantastic way to enjoy the spring and summer sunshine. It also encourages diners to linger over their food, which can increase restaurant revenue.

Choose fabrics that will resist heat, such as wicker and rattan, and stick to light or neutral colours that won’t fade in the sun. Regularly rotating cushions and repositioning furniture can also help limit the effects of sun damage.

Paint ideas can be a quick and easy way to update the look of a conservatory, especially in small spaces. Choosing a colour palette that blends with the existing framework can help create a seamless effect and make the room appear larger. A banquette seating idea is a smart option that can accommodate more people than dining chairs, too.

An orangery is a more traditional option than a conservatory with a lot of brickwork and less glazing. This makes it a perfect addition to older homes where an extension might be more noticeable. It also tends to be warmer in the winter and less susceptible to glare.

Avoid rattan furniture as this can date your orangery, instead opt for furniture that is suitable to the interior living areas of the home and suits the style of the room. Light colours and fabrics work well in a new space, as they reflect natural light and make it appear larger.

Add a bespoke window seat and dress it with upholstered padding for a relaxing place to sit in the sun. Consider adding stairs at the design stage to create a safe and stylish walkway from inside to outside.
Games Room

A conservatory can easily turn into a games room where you can kick back and relax, or a playroom where the children can spend hours on end with their favourite toys. A neutral colour palette is ideal for the games room, such as a washed oak finish. This allows you to add a touch of personality through replaceable decor items such as pillows, rugs and plants.

To avoid your new conservatory feeling cluttered, limit the amount of furniture to a select number of essential pieces. This is especially important if your conservatory is small. Displaying plants on window ledges and upper shelves help to draw the eye upward and create a space-stretching illusion. Bring the outdoors in with jute rugs and woven Scandinavian baskets to complete this simple, restful interior.

Creating a restful sanctuary in your new conservatory is an ideal way to relax and unwind at night. This is particularly good for those with young children or moody teenagers as it allows everyone their own space to escape and get some shut eye.

The light-filled feel of a conservatory makes it perfect for a dedicated hobby room or spot for reading. Bring the space to life with a living wall backdrop, which adds an interesting focal point and creates beautiful effects when bathed in sunlight.

Carpet is a great choice for conservatory living spaces, providing a cosy landing pad for feet and insulating against both heat and sound. Saxony styles in neutral shades work well in any conservatory, and can be easily matched with indoor or outdoor anti-slip options for a seamless finish.
Garden Room

Depending on how you use your conservatory, the furnishings you choose can have a big impact. If you want to make the room more of a garden lounge, comfy seating and smart dining tables are key.

Bringing the outdoors inside can also be a great way to unify the space. Cushions, throws and rugs with botanical prints or leaf-inspired motifs work well and can help create a link between your garden and the interior of your conservatory.

Remember that a garden room is always a direct extension of your home so it will need to comply with the latest building regulations and be heated properly to avoid it becoming too cold in winter. Keeping furniture to a minimum is also a good idea. This will ensure that the new space feels light, bright and airy and won’t feel too crowded.

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