Cowrie Shell Jewelry

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Cowrie Shell jewelry is a popular fashion accessory that’s also symbolic of fertility, wealth and good fortune. These small, oval-shaped shells are harvested from sea snails that live in tropical and subtropical oceans. They have been used for centuries in jewelry, crafts and even as currency in some cultures.

Our Cowrie Shell necklace features a beautiful strand of natural Cowrie shells that are hand-tied into a unique and gorgeous design. Finished with a 14k gold filled chain, this piece is a must-have for any beachy jewelry collection.

You can find Cowrie Shells along the southern and southeastern coasts of the US, especially Florida. However, they can be found worldwide at select specialty shops and online retailers. The value of a Cowrie Shell depends on its size and quality. The best and most valuable cowrie shells are the rarer tiger and leopard cowrie shells. The more common and least expensive ones are money cowrie shells.

Adding the perfect beachy accent to your look has never been easier than with our Cowrie Shell bracelet. Handmade with the finest quality cowrie shells, this bracelet is a great addition to any bracelet stack or worn alone as a statement piece.

Add a little good luck to your wardrobe with our Good Fortune Anklets, made of cowrie shells and hemp. These bangle-style bracelets make great party favors, summer gifts and more. They come in a variety of colors by the dozen and are sure to be your new favorite accessory! Cowrie Shell jewelry

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