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Conservatories can add value to your home and are a great way to bring natural light into an interior space. However, they can also have a number of problems that limit their use.

Many of these issues are easily resolved though. For example, adding insulated curtains should improve heat insulation but adding a solid roof will have a more significant impact.

Heat Insulation

Having a conservatory that lets in lots of sunlight and gives you a view over your garden is great but the problem is that it can also become very hot at certain times of day. This can make it difficult to use the space for long periods of time and it is important that you find ways to reduce this excessive brightness. Adding a set of heavy thermal curtains or opting for polarised glass are good options.

The best solution is to replace the existing glass roof with a solid one. This will offer far better heat insulation and should keep the conservatory much warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The insulated roofs from Guardian Warm Roofs are designed to meet or exceed UK building regulations and come with U-values that are very close to those of normal modern roofs. They are made of aluminium with Kingspan insulation and they have an attractive coloured finish that will match the rest of the conservatory.

Sound Insulation

Traditionally conservatories are made out of glass so they can let in lots of light and allow you to see the garden. The problem with this is that it also lets in a lot of noise. There are a few ways to address this but the best solution is to add more insulation. This will improve the soundproofing of your conservatory without affecting the amount of sunlight that can pass through.

UPVC conservatories offer a wide range of doors and window styles. These include the popular bi-folding door option, which can really alter the look of a UPVC conservatory inside and out and offer uninterrupted views. You can also choose a glazed roof or a solid one.

The latter option can be more expensive but it will keep natural heat in your Bridgend conservatory all year round, reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint. It is possible to choose a UPVC roof that incorporates thermal panels that are up to seven times lighter than traditional materials. These can also be fitted with solar control, which excludes up to 83% of the sun’s energy.

Brightness Control

The brightness of a conservatory can be a problem at certain times of the day, especially when used as a living space. Adding a set of heavy thermal curtains or polarised glass are effective ways to manage excessive sunlight without compromising on your view.

A solid roof lean-to conservatory offers a different aesthetic to your new extension, making it more like a room within your home rather than an add-on to it. This option looks great on most properties and can still have glazed panels strategically placed to allow in natural light.

A gable-end conservatory is another style that can be fitted with a glass lantern design to add height and presence to your new space. This type of conservatory is often a more cost-effective option as it doesn’t require any solid panels or surfaces (not counting things like dwarf walls). It also looks beautiful on both contemporary and traditional homes. This style is also extremely effective when it comes to keeping in the natural heat, meaning less use of your central heating system.


Conservatories bridgend can be a valuable addition to any home. They offer more space to relax and can be used for almost anything, from a dining area or lounge to a quiet workspace and are ideal for growing plants, flowers or trees.

Glass conservatories are popular and often feature modern glazing technologies, including easy-clean coatings, argon gas filling and thermal ribbons or breaks. A more recent development is self-tinting glass, which darkens as it absorbs heat during the summer and lightens when it cools later in the day.

Solid or tiled roofs are available to add a touch of luxury, incorporating a vaulted ceiling for added aesthetic appeal. Like uPVC windows, these have excellent insulation properties, knocking hefty sums off your energy bills. They also let in more natural light than a glass roof, however hybrid roof variations are also available. They require little maintenance other than the occasional clean. conservatories bridgend

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